Comfort made convenient

It all started with a vision. An idea that seemed completely out of reach and beyond the bounds of possibility, until finally, we took action. We went from attending various training courses and networking events to incorporating CMC Property Investors Ltd. in December of 2018. That's when the real work started. Since then the vision that seemed impossible is becoming our reality.


CMC is a family run business, as directors, the three of us share the same passion for property which stems from our love for travelling. During our travels we often found ourselves separated in hotel rooms, instead of spending time as a family. To overcome this we began using serviced accommodation. Some were incredible, others were far from it and this is where the vision began. Our mission is simple, we aim to provide exceptional serviced accommodation across the country, creating a stellar experience for each of our guests. We design and provide outstanding living spaces tailored to reflect our fine attention to detail and encompass our unique style.


As directors, our dynamic can be described as unconventional, we firmly believe in family before anything else. To some, this may appear impractical, however, for us, it works. Knowing each other beyond our business relationship provides us with an in-depth understanding of one another's strengths and weaknesses. Where one of us falls short, another director possesses the skills and expertise to keep CMC running smoothly. Allowing us to continue to provide you with the best in convenient comfort.


Meet The Team

Charleen, Director

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"After having my daughter, I struggled to strike a balance between going back to work and spending some much-needed quality time with my family. I came to the conclusion that working was not worth missing those all-important milestones and after weighing up all of my options, following my passion for property was the perfect fit. Becoming a property investor has allowed me to work for myself and dictate which hours I can work and when, giving me both flexibility and a sense of fulfilment. The journey has not been a simple one, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else. "


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"Growing up in Zimbabwe and moving to the UK at 17, I have always been dedicated to Improving. Improving myself and others, making changes for the better and seeing something or someone go through the journey of “before” to “after”. Seeing such progression gives a real sense of pride and knowing that I played a part in it makes it all worthwhile. Training as a Manufacturing Engineer is when I took my passion to improve and turned it into a profession.

My drive for development coupled with my love to help others is what led me onto the property ladder. Improving living spaces and guest experiences through CMC has given me an incredible sense of achievement. "



Muzzie, director

CaROL, Director

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"I consider myself as a highly driven and self-motivated individual with a true desire to become established in the world of property. I always strive for excellence in everything I do, whether personal or professional and my goal is always to deliver nothing but the best. Stepping into the world of property investing has allowed me to have a great balance between work and home life, without having to worry about financial stability. The journey for me has been overwhelming at times but unbelievably rewarding. I look forward to taking on new challenges, learning new things and seeing where the journey takes us."